Strategic Land and Development

A strategic land and development business delivering sustainable new settlements, urban extensions and Garden Villages of the highest quality across the UK. 

Working collaboratively with landowners and key stakeholders to secure positive outcomes that lead to new residential-led mixed-use developments. A Gateway site has the potential to deliver at least 1,000 homes that are purpose-designed for aspirational, eco-aware residents, creating neighbourhoods that are underpinned by environmental, social and placemaking principles. 

Gateway works with its partners to maximise the potential of each site by promoting the full scale of the opportunity through the complexities of the planning system. A hybrid delivery model enables each phase to be brought forward at the appropriate time either for delivery by Gateway’s partner companies, or for sale on the open market, facilitated by either Outline or Reserved Matters consent.  This flexible approach delivers land receipts at the earliest opportunity, while ensuring the design principles for each subsequent phase uphold the highest standards. 

Large scale consortium sites typically prioritise density. Gateway offers its partners a viable alternative. By investing in the very best design, quality materials and new community assets, a remarkable value proposition can be achieved, while leaving a legacy all partners can be proud of. Gateway’s key success is its commitment to working and engaging with the local communities it operates in, taking a lead role in engaging with local residents, stakeholders, community groups, parish and town councils, ward members and politicians.

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